How to potty train a dog fast just in 7 days?

How to potty train a dog fast just in 7 days?
How to potty train a dog fast?
These are 2 quick tips for how to train a dog to potty outside faster.
  • Tip #1:

The first thing that you need to do is you need to realize that you can only potty train a dog quickly if you give it access to only one room at a time. This means that you need to do a search on Amazon or you need to build something yourself in the form of getting gates. That work so that it can block your dog’s ability to get access to other rooms.

The proper way to potty train a dog is using gates.

You cannot potty train a dog quickly trying to keep him in a kitchen and a living room at the same time. Because they often have 2 different types of surfaces. One may have carpet or a rug, one may have linoleum, tile or vice versa.

What happens is dogs have an instinct to not pee in their own space. So there’s a process for how to slowly shrink your dog’s space down. And then widen it back up. Slowly but surely, over time. One room at a time, one section of a room at a time.

Using gates that teaches your dog how to expand what he considers is his own space. Puppies that aren’t taught to potty. They will often run upstairs and pour pee in the corner of an upstairs bedroom, at the far upper corners of a house, or those sorts of things. Because that is out of their space. That’s why they do that. That’s why you must have gates. So you can shrink the dog’s space down and help them out.

  • Tip #2:

The second part that you need to know. How to do is you need to give your dog a way to tell you it needs to go to the bathroom. You must give your dog an ability to tell you once he’s want to go outside. Which is outside of his space to go potty. Which is why I don’t like potty pads by the way. Because potty training pads for dogs are inside your dog’s space. You need to teach your dog to go outside of his space, otherwise, you’re going to give yourself some more headaches.

The best way to get your dog to tell you that he needs to go outside is to train your dog to ring a bell to go potty. You should train dog to ring bell for potty instead of barking or scratching the door. 

So just staring at the door, train him to bump his nose up against a bell every time you take him outside, and show him where is okay to go. So that way your dog can be in your home more. And even if you’re in the other room, there’s a signal your dog can give you that doesn’t turn into something very annoying, like barking, yipping, or those sorts of things that let you know he’s got to go. You can run over and let him out. So let’s check the dog potty training bell out.

Now obviously, this is not the entire process. But those are 2 of the big hurdles that I see people mess up on not giving their dog a way to tell them they have to go and trying to make their dog be potty trained in too large of space at the same time. Those are things that hang people up.

Day of Training Objective
Day 1 Create a feeding and potty break schedule.
Day 2 Exploring the house.
Day 3 Crate train a dog for potty training.
Day 4 Look for signs that your dog trying to communicate with you about going outside.
Day 5 If accidents happened, catch them in the act.
Day 6 Create consistency.
Day 7 Repeat the whole steps.

This schedule is just a general guide. Please, don’t forget to adjust the schedule that proper for your situation.

Now we are going to learn how to potty train a dog in 7 days.

When you take your dog outside at any time, take them to the same exact spot. This is going to create consistency. And your dog is going to know that this is where he goes to the bathroom. So when your dog just goes to the bathroom, say go potty. And when they’re done, make sure you give lots of love and lots of praise.

After you’ve gone outside with your dog, and gone to the bathroom. Let them have free range of the house. So they can explore and get used to having more privileges. Have it just be a short amount of times, and gradually get longer and longer. In the beginning, just start out for about 3-5 minutes hanging out.

And then, after they’re done exploring. Have them go in their supervise areas such as a bathroom or kitchen. That’s blocked off with their crate in it.

How to crate train a dog for potty training?

Potty training a dog using a crate isn’t a bad thing. A lot of people think it’s puppy jail. It’s not puppy jail. A crate is like your dog’s bedroom. So this is going to be a secure place that they can call their own.

With puppies especially, you’re going to want to get a crate that has dividers that your dog can grow into. Not too big for a small dog or a puppy.

Dogs actually like crates. It’s like their den, their personal place or their bedroom. You want to always make it a positive experience. You never want to punish your dog by putting them in their crate for a timeout. Also, crate training, dogs potty training are really great, because you put toys in them. You give them things to do while they’re in their crate. This is a great place to put your puppy when unsupervised, especially because puppies are very destructive.

When your dogs in the crate, look for signs that it’s trying to communicate with you. That needs to go to the bathroom such as whining, scratching at the crate, looking at you like he wants to get out a lot. And just take your dog outside to go to the bathroom if he gives you those signs. That’s going to communicate with the dog that if he gives you those messages again, and he’s going to go outside to go to the bathroom.

I actually don’t advise use pee pads. Pee pads are sheets that you use in the home to have your dog pee and poop on. But it can be really confusing for your dog. Because you want to teach your dog to go outside to go to the bathroom. So you might even get your dog peeing and pooping on rugs or blankets. I would suggest not to use them and just have enough time to take your dog outside to go to the bathroom. Accents are bound to happen.

You should only really punish them if you catch them in the act. So if you catch them, just say no! grab and take them outside to go to the bathroom there. It’s very confusing if you try to punish them if they do it without catching them in the act.

If you follow our instructions perfectly, you should have a potty trained your dog in a week.

Easiest way to potty train a dog.

House training a puppy just like training a baby. One of the important things anyone can use is to be consistent in your training methods.

Here are some tips that you can use to potty train your puppies.

Start potty training.

You have to introduce the puppy to their sleeping area on the first day you bring the puppy home. Then, take them outside to where you want them to go potty. Let your pet explore and roam. And then you saying “go potty”. If he goes in the yard or the right place that you want, reward him with treats and praise to show him that he has done the right thing.

The secret of potty training is the schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit. The schedule will help your dog develop really fast with house training skills. When you wake up in the morning you should avoid praising or greeting your puppy.

Use only one command each time you lead him to the potty place. For example, use the words “go potty”. After your dog has begun to relieve himself, you tell it softly “go potty”. When the dog has completed his business, praise even more, such as “good boy”.

Whatever route you take, when you leave him from the house to his potty spot. Use the same path every single time as a routine. This will help create a pattern. So that your dog will understand that it is time to go to the bathroom.

A dog crate makes house training a lot easier. All dogs are born with the instinct to keep their sleeping area clean. Using a crate as a training tool. Take the dog’s instinct advantage. This also helps the puppy develop bowel bladder-control.

The key is you should be consistent and patient. Potty training a dog is relatively easy with the right amount of persistence and patience. Keeping up with a regular routine, your puppy should be going in the yard in 7 days. Give a lot of praise and loving caresses when your puppy properly uses the bathroom.

When the accident happens, handle it carefully. Sometimes is because you won’t watch your dog close enough or didn’t stick to the house training schedule. The most important thing about potty training dog is to have patience.

These are free dog potty training tips that are going to help you to potty train dog in 3 days.

It is actually very easy way to potty train a dog. All you have to do is follow these 3 steps and it will be done within 72 hours.

  1. Take your puppy or dog every two hours out and let them do their business outside. It’s a good idea to take your dog or puppy every two hours to avoid them having an accident inside the house. More on that in a second.
  2. Take your dog or puppy after every eating, sleeping, and playing session. This will give a good routine to your dog to start managing their bowel movement.
  3. Leash your dog and take your dog outside of the house and let them do their business outside. Unfortunately, that’s one of the biggest challenges of dog owners to actually take their dogs out. The reality is that your dog needs to go out. They don’t want to do their business where they live. They want to do it outside. So you have to put a leash on, and go out, and let your dog do its business outside.

So if you do all these three steps and stick to it within 72 hours your dog is going to be potty trained.

Bonus tip: The diet of your dog has to do a lot with their potty routine as well. Dogs who are on kibble or dry food tend to drink a lot of water. That causes them to have full bladder most of the time. So that causes them to have accidents all the time. But dogs who are on a raw diet, wet food, or home cooked diet, they tend to drink less water. Therefore, they have fewer accidents. And also it’s easier to train them when it comes to potty training them.

These are 3 potty training tips for dogs to help speed the process up.

  • Tip No.1 Try to always bring your dog or puppy to the same place to go to the bathroom.

If you’re training a dog to go to the bathroom in the backyard for example. And you have different surfaces maybe grass in one part of your backyard, cement on another part, and on the third part is gravel.

Try to pick one place and be consistent that you always bring the dog to that place. When the dog starts to pick up is actually the feeling of the surface on his feet and that when on one surface like a hardwood floor or carpet it’s not okay to go to the bathroom. But when on a surface that feels like the gravel or grass maybe, then it is okay.

Training dog to go potty in one spot.

So try to pick a surface in one specific place that you’re going to bring your puppy or dog that you want to deliver the bathroom. Always try to bring them to that one spot.

  • Tip No.2 Clean up.

Everybody is going to have accidents with their dog. That’s just part of having a puppy in house training. No one’s perfect. It’s very important that you clean up the pee or poop whatever in the right way.

There’s actually an enzyme in the dog’s urine that attracts dogs to want to come back and mark that place. So it’s really important that you have something just like a cleaner that’s going to break down that enzyme.

The only important thing is that whatever cleaning solution you use, you get one that actually destroys the odor and enzymes, and not just masks it. Avoid the pet cleaners that don’t actually break down the smell. It’s just the smell of that overpowers the urine.

  • Tip No.3 The special rewards.

When your dog goes to the bathroom in the right place, it has to be like they just won the lottery. A lot of dog owners don’t reward the dog well enough when they do the right thing. When you’re doing house-trained this is the most important time that we have to have a very strong high-level rewards.

For example, they’re not going to get dog treats or dog food. They’re going get some sort of human food, such as tiny pieces of hot dogs, chicken, cheese, or something amazing. And give a lot of praise. They’re only going to get this when they go to the bathroom in the right spot.

Within a couple of days, the dog starts to think WOW! going to the bathroom outside is a good thing. I get treats that I never get anywhere. So I better start going to the bathroom outside.

It’s very important that you reward the behavior you like. For house training, if you want to speed it up. The special rewards show the dogs that this behavior gets them more likely to do it. So continue doing it, going forward.


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